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Here are a few examples of trucks we have done.

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Custom design on Ford F250 Super Duty.
Names on driver and passenger doors, custom FX4 off road logos, custom stripe design on both sides and large Ford emblem covering the tailgate.
Design and names were cut in hot pink and shadowed with aqua green. This truck is a one of a kind custom design by Voodoo Graphics.

Pace American 16 foot enclosed trailer designed to match the above F-250.

Truck and trailer together. Another exclusive Voodoo Graphics design.

This is a progression of images transforming a two-tone white and silver
F-250 Super Duty from a run-of-the-mill everyday truck to a radical, eye-catching ride.

After adding just a few pieces, the truck is taking on a whole new look.

F-250 Super Duty after a custom, one of a kind makeover from Voodoo Graphics.
Custom designed, one of a kind striping, matching 4x4 logos, and matching name on driver's door.

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